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Oscar A and Brayan did a great job in cleaning my gutters and nailing any loose nails.

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I would highly recommend Advantage Pro Services. Jennifer came out to the house, quoted, and scheduled promptly. On the day of installation, Oscar A and Brayan were on time, communicated well, and did great work. The new gutters look wonderful! Highly recommend!

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Tomas, Frankie and William did a great job today at my home. They were on time professional and the work is excellent. Highly recommend!

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Cleaned the exterior to my satisfaction.

Article by Michael A / May 4th, 2023

Best Way to Clean Spider Webs off the Outside of Your House

When you look at your home, do you see appealing roofs, walls, and windows? Or do you see the spider webs that have built up over time and made your home an eyesore? Whether it’s a few stubborn webs or a whole network of them, we understand how annoying it can be to clean those webs off.

If you don’t clean them off your house quickly, the webs can trap water and ice, which can cause damage to your roof. You can find spider webs on top corners of your home, behind furniture, and even on the ground.

Even without the presence of the webs, you need to keep the outside of it clean and tidy. It’s not just about curb appeal but creating a safe environment for your family. A clean house is less likely to attract bugs and pests like spiders. 

Keeping your house looking good on the outside can be as simple as wiping down spider webs with a sponge or rag. You can also use an outdoor cleaning solution if there are more stubborn stains or mildew.

If you’re wondering how to clean spider webs and keep your home free of spiders, this guide is for you. Here are steps to cleaning spider webs and preventing spiders from accessing your home.

Safety First

Safety is the most important part of cleaning spider webs from your house. Spiders can bite you if you disturb them, and some spider bites can be dangerous.

Use proper safety equipment and measures. These include wearing a mask on your face and gloves to protect your hands. You should also wear closed-toe shoes and long pants. In case of any allergic reactions to spider venom, you should have an anti-venom when working on the project.

Manual Cleaning

Manual cleaning is the simplest and the best way to clean spider webs outside your house. This method works best if you don’t want to kill the spiders since they are natural predators of many insects.

You can use a soft brush or a stiff broom to clean off the spider webs. The bristles will easily dislodge the webs and break them up into smaller pieces. 

Some tips to help you clean off the web effectively include:

  • First, sweep away any debris from the area where you’ll be working. 
  • Get out your broom and start brushing down the spider’s webs. 
  • Ensure you brush in one direction. Going back and forth could damage the structure of the web itself and cause more damage than good. 
  • When brushing, try not to be too forceful by moving slowly so you don’t cause damage.
  • Use a broom or duster with a long handle to easily reach the ceiling and crevices.
  • If you have an extension ladder, you can reach up and pull down any webs hanging from above your head.

Pressure Washing

Using a pressure washer to clean spider webs is especially important if there are too many and manual methods consume a lot of time. Pressure washing is great because it’s fast, effective, and safe. With a pressure washer, you won’t have to expose yourself by getting near any spiders.

Some pros and cons of using a pressure washer to clean the spider webs include:


  • Pressure washing is a quick and effective way of cleaning the webs.
  • Pressure will also eliminate any dirt and grime accumulated on your house’s surface.
  • It will blow away dead spiders and webs, so you don’t have to touch them with your hands.


  • You need a strong power source to blow away the spiders.
  • The pressure washer might damage your plants and flowers in the process.
  • It can damage your siding and paint job.

To ensure effective cleaning and avoid damage, here are some effective tips for using a pressure washer:

  • Make sure you read the manual before you start using your pressure washer to remove spider webs
  • Wear safety equipment such as gloves, mask, helmet, and goggles to protect yourself from the flying debris
  • Use a long hose for better reach
  • Use the correct nozzle for the job: A fan nozzle will blow away spider webs and debris, but it has low pressure so that it won’t remove spider eggs or nests.
  • Only use the pressure washer at its lowest setting to avoid damage to your plants and flowers.
  • Use a cleaning solution that is safe for plants and animals

Natural Remedies

You may have a few chemical cleaners in your garage or basement intended for outdoor use. Sure, chemical cleaners get rid of spider webs quickly and efficiently. But they’re not the safest ways to do the job.

Natural remedies are safe and effective methods of getting rid of spider webs. Some effective natural remedies for getting rid of spider webs in your home include:


Vinegar has been used as an all-purpose cleaner for centuries. Vinegar works effectively and safely to remove grease and dirt from surfaces. It’s safe and effective at removing dirt, grease, and grime on almost any surface. 

Because Vinegar is acidic, it also kills bacteria and other germs that accumulate on surfaces when not cleaned regularly. Spray some vinegar onto a sponge or cloth, then wipe down those spider webs until they disappear.

Baking Soda 

Baking soda is cost-effective and effective in getting rid of spider webs. Just sprinkle some baking soda on top of the web, wait about 15 minutes, and then brush off any excess powder with a broom or vacuum cleaner. 

Lemon Juice

Lemons are great for home cleaning as well as keeping spiders out. Simply spray lemon juice on the surface of your home and wipe off the surface after about 30 minutes. This will remove any leftover dirt and grime from your walls and help to keep spiders from trying to build their webs there.

Essential Oils

Essential oils produce odors that repel all kinds of pests, including spiders. You can use essential oils to make a homemade spider spray to keep spiders out of your home. Simply mix 20 drops of peppermint, eucalyptus, or cedar oil with 2 cups of hot water and spray the mixture on any areas where you have seen spiders.

Herbs and Spices

Like essential oils and spices, herbs and spices can be used to make a homemade spider spray. You can use any combination of dried herbs and spices that you prefer. For instance, garlic, salt, baking soda, and turmeric can work well.

Preventing Spider Webs

Removing spider webs will not prevent them from returning and building their webs again. You need to get rid of the spider webs and ensure they don’t return. Some of the ways to protect your home from spiders include:

Sealing Cracks

Protecting your home from spider access is the best way to prevent spider webs. You can do this by sealing cracks and holes around the perimeter of your home. This will prevent spiders from entering, which means they won’t have an opportunity to build webs on your property.

Clean the Surrounding

Pests can access your home easily if the surrounding area is not clean. Regularly sweep your yard and trim back any overgrown bushes or trees. This will prevent spiders from building webs near your home. 

Wash Your Dishes

Dirty dishes attract insects such as flies, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Once you attract these insects, you’ll also attract spiders, as they are the main predators of these insects. Washing your dishes immediately after use will keep the insects away, and spiders won’t have a reason to come to your home.

Turn Off the Lights

Since insects are drawn to light, turning off your home’s lights can help keep spiders away. If you have outdoor lighting, ensure it is directed away from your home so insects aren’t attracted to the light, and then seek shelter inside. 

Clean Up Food Spills 

Food spills on countertops or floors can attract insects such as flies, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Once you attract these insects, spiders will also come because they are one of their main predators.


Removing spider webs at home is the best way to protect your family from bites and stings. The most important thing is to ensure you’re using and applying the right products correctly.

However, getting rid of spider webs without preventing the spiders from coming back is a short-term solution. The best way to prevent spiders from returning is by ensuring that your home isn’t an inviting place for them. By sealing off cracks and holes, keeping your house clean, and eliminating food sources for insects, you can reduce the number of spiders in your home.


How do I get rid of spider webs outside my house?

You only need a broom with a long handle to manually dislodge the webs. If the webs are large, you can spray them with water or vinegar using a garden sprayer. This will make them weak enough to fall on their own.

How do you clean outdoor webs?

Get rid of spider webs outside your house by sweeping them up or spraying them with a strong stream of water. It’s important to remember that spiders will rebuild their webs if they have a food source nearby, so eliminating these sources will make sure they don’t return.

How do you clean cobwebs off your house?

Simply sweeping and dusting won’t help remove cobwebs attached to your ceilings and walls. You can use a pressure washer to spray the webs off, or you can use a long-handled broom or duster. 

What is the most efficient way to get rid of cobwebs?

Natural remedies like vinegar, lemon juice, and essential oils work well in getting rid of cobwebs. These natural ingredients are safe for people and pets. Just spray the solution on the walls and wipe it off after a few minutes.

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