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Article by Michael A / March 13th, 2019

Power Washing vs. Soft Wash: Which Is Right for Your Home

When you want to clean exterior surfaces, it’s essential to know which is better—power washing or soft washing. Under some circumstances, one is more optimal than the other because of tough stains, mildew, algae build-up, or paint removal. However, some homeowners are unaware that one method may not be appropriate for particular areas of their Houston, TX home due to causing damage or being ineffective. We’re going to talk about both ways and which is right for your home.

Is Power Washing Optimal for Your Home?

If you have hard surfaces, including decking without a finish, stonework, shingle siding, and vinyl siding, this method of cleaning could be the most effective way to remove:

  • Tough Stains
  • Mildew
  • Algae growth
  • Old Paint on small DIY projects
  • Dirt from landscaping
  • Gutters
  • Brick

When Should Homeowners Avoid Pressure Washing?

When you’re living in a home with a stucco exterior, it’s best to avoid power washing. The main reason is that the sprayer could cause damage to the material’s surface. If there are cracks in the exterior of the home, the powerful jets could cause too much water to go behind the material, as well. In doing so, other damage could be the result.

Remember, every job is going to require a different nozzle, chemical, and cleaning solution. Therefore, it’s critical you have a clear idea of what you’re cleaning, the amount of spray you need, and the solution that’s appropriate for handling the dirt, stains, or mold.

Is Soft Washing Optimal for Your Home?

Even though it may seem like an excellent idea when you start, it’s optimal to hire someone to either soft wash or perform power washing to remove paint from the exterior of your home. Many contractors are available throughout Houston, TX that can help you with this task without destroying the exterior of your home.

Instead of tacking a project like that, use a soft wash to clean stucco surfaces gently. In doing so, you’re ensuring the longevity of the exterior’s surface without potentially causing any damage. Soft washing is also optimal for:

  • Cleaning asphalt shingles—washing these with any pressure will cause the granules to come off.
  • Any material that’s old—it doesn’t matter what it is because, if it’s old, power washing it could cause it damage.
  • Decking with paint or stain—if you use a power wash, the spray will remove the stain or paint. Only use a power wash if you intend to refinish these surfaces.
  • Sandstone—if you have areas surrounding your home consisting of sandstone, using a power wash method will simply wash it away or create deep grooves.

Using the Best Method on Your Houston, TX Property

Because it’s difficult to determine which method is best for some, it may be optimal to work with a professional. In doing so, they’ll help you select the best products and solutions for maintaining the exteriors surfaces of your home. Not only will this maintenance help preserve the exterior areas of your home from experiencing damage over the years but it will help you to address damage as you complete annual inspections.


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