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Joel Estrada

Oscar A and Brayan did a great job in cleaning my gutters and nailing any loose nails.

Colin Hendricks

Thomas and Oscar B. were prompt and efficient. Thanks!

Sharon Coan

Thomas and Oscar B were very helpful!!


Quick Professional.

Tyler Barnes-Wolf

I would highly recommend Advantage Pro Services. Jennifer came out to the house, quoted, and scheduled promptly. On the day of installation, Oscar A and Brayan were on time, communicated well, and did great work. The new gutters look wonderful! Highly recommend!

Jose Martinez

Great service by Tomas and Oscar B. Very professional and efficient. Will use again.

KS Wilson

Don and Luis were our technicians this morning and they did an excellent job while providing fast and thorough job!

Jeff Perryman

Ernesto, Leo and Frankie did an excellent job!

Satara Henry

Oscar A and Brayan did an awesome job. They showed up on time, my gutters are beautiful and they kept me updated! Excellent customer service.

Louise Crawford-Gately

Oscar A, Erick and Hector were great! They cleaned and put protection on my gutters in a timely manner and cleaned up beautifully. Good communication.


Tomas, Frankie and William did a great job today at my home. They were on time professional and the work is excellent. Highly recommend!

Edmond Haapaniemi

Cleaned the exterior to my satisfaction.

Article by Michael A / August 16th, 2019

The Best Home Improvement Deals this Week

Many realtors will tell you that springtime is the best time to put your house up for sale. That way, you have all spring, summer and fall to show your home, find a buyer and go through all that paperwork. But some buyers don’t finish the pre-approval process until mid-summer, and they too are eager to find their perfect homes. For you, that means if you’ve been a little late getting your home on the market, there’s still plenty of time to make it happen.

But in order to sell your home, you need to make sure it’s in tip-top shape, and that means completing all those little projects and repairs around your home. A lot of sellers don’t want to invest in home improvement projects on a home they’re trying to sell, but completing those projects can help you find a buyer faster and maybe even get a better price for your home.

There’s nothing wrong with saving a little money while you’re at it though! Here are the best home improvement deals this week — and how pressure washing services can help with your home’s curb appeal.

Home Depot

No matter how big or small your bathroom is, you often have to pack of a lot of storage into an otherwise small space. That’s why in the bathroom, every inch of space counts, especially for the vanity. If any of your bathrooms — even the guest — has a standing sink with no storage underneath, you may be turning away buyers. It’s a small upgrade, but a big one.

At Lowe’s, you can do this simple project for a lot less. Select vanities are up to 40% off, and some vanity tops are up to 30% off. Select faucets are up to 35% off. This means you can put together a nice vanity while saving some cash in the meantime. You can find a good mix of quality and price to wow your buyer.

For a guest bathroom upgrade, check out this Sandlyn 24.5-inch bath vanity in Forest Elm from Glacier Bay. It has a white marble top for a clean, polished look and storage underneath. The color has a spa-like feel to it, and the storage under the sink allows for extra towels, toilet paper and maybe extra toothpaste. It’s a small upgrade that can make a big impact on buyers.

At Home

When you’re selling your home, it can be tough to keep all the clutter at bay, especially in your kids’ bedrooms. If you frequently find toys not put away and clothing left on the floor or computer chairs, it might not be that your kids don’t want to put away their belongings — although that’s probably part of it — but that they don’t have enough storage space in their bedrooms. 

Right now, At Home is running a big sale on six-cube organizers, and they’re great space savers and organizers. These cubes can hold shoes, clothing, toys and craft supplies. Their sturdy shelves connect together easily, and they can be configured in a number of different ways to fit any space. These cube organizers can fit into closets, and they make storage as easy as possible for kids.

The cub organizers come in three neutral colors, and they’re marked down to $14.99 from $29.99. With all those savings, you may want to pick up an extra one for your own closet — and maybe the hall closet as well.

Houston Garden Centers

A little curb appeal can go a long way, as we’ll discuss later. If you want to spruce up your yard, Houston Garden Centers is offering half off all plants, trees and shrubs, which means you can score great deals on flowers to brighten your yard.

You don’t want to do too much to your yard because your buyers may want to plant their own trees and flowers, but a few extra flowers out front can make a good impression on buyers when they roll up to your home for the first time. Houston Garden Centers is also offering half off pots and planters, so if you don’t want to plant anything, a few flower pots can still brighten up your front porch — and you can take them with you when you leave. It’s a win-tin for both.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

When the kids go off to school, that means it’s usually time to downsize. Now college and trying to sell your home can lead to some big bills, but you can get a break with Bed, Bath and Beyond’s campus sale. All across the store, you’ll find great deals on dorm essentials to help you save money while still sending your kids off to college in style.

So you have the bed and bath essentials down pat, but what about laundry? If you’re like many families, then your kids will likely be doing their laundry for the first time while living on their own. That’s why you need to prepare them. Bed, Bath and Beyond has laundry bags, baskets and other essentials on sale. Many of the mesh baskets have handles, which make them easier to drag up and down stairs. The laundry rooms are usually in the lower levels of the dorms, so your kid will need to get used to hauling laundry up and down the stairs.

Kitchen appliances are also on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and that can make a big difference. Your college kid should have a small fridge, microwave and maybe even a coffee maker in their rooms. It’ll make their lives easier so they won’t have to go down to the cafeteria each time just to get a cup of coffee. It can also save you money in the long run — after all you are the one paying for your kid’s meal plan in the dorms. Pick up a few of these appliances and save a little while they’re on sale.

Crate and Barrel

If you’re in need of new upholstered furniture, then it’s time to get to Crate and Barrel. The company known for its simple designs and attention to detail is offering 15% off its upholstery, which means this is the best time for that new sofa or chair that you’ve had your eye on.

The upholstry sale can help you save a ton of money on some high-quality fabrics in a wide variety of colors. Not only does the sale pertain to velvets and linens, but it also includes performance fabrics. That alone makes the sale worth checking out. Crate and Barrel has both Easy Care and Stain Resistant categories. Easy Care means a little water or a mild detergent or bleach will get out most stains. Stain Resistant fabrics hold off liquids, forcing them to soak in slower. If you’re quick when something spills, then you can usually hold off most stains.

Crate and Barrel also has UV Resistant fabrics, which is great for any Houston home. These fabrics stand up well in sunny areas and they won’t fade over time. If your living room or three-season porch gets a lot of sunlight, these fabrics will stand up over time and still look bright and summery even.

For those who like to support made-in-the-USA initiatives, Crate and Barrel has a selection of fabrics that are woven in the states. The fabric may be domestically made or imported, but when you order from this selection, they will be woven here in the U.S. They may have longer lead times, but you will be satisfied with your purchase.

And best of all, Crate and Barrel offers tons of designs for sofa. Though the brand leans a little more contemporary, you’ll find traditional shapes and sizes as well as some mid-century modern looks. If you really want to go a little outside the box, Crate and Barrel also has rounded and curvey sofas for that ultra contemporary feel.

Online only

Isn’t it great when you can shop for home improvement deals from your own couch? Check out these online deals and get ready to save.


Buying a new home creates an out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new mentality. If you’re ready to give your living room an update, Joybird is having the perfect sale for you.

Joybird’s living room sale has everything you need to brighten up your family’s favorite space? From small updates to massive overalls, Joybird’s sale can help you save on any living room update. Want to bring in a new color pallet to an otherwise neutral space? Try one of Joybird’s area rugs. These abstract and geometric patterns bring in color without overpowering the space. Want to go a little crazy with your living room? Joybird has colorful sofas for those brave enough to make a statement in their living rooms.


Just the right accent piece can make all the difference when designing a new home — especially if you’re downsizing. Accent furniture looks chic, but has a much smaller footprint. Many accent pieces provide multiple purposes, such as seating and storage. 

Wayfair has accent furniture on sale, so whether you need a chair, bench or console, this sale can help you find the right piece for your space. Want to make your home feel more cozy in small spaced? Try a pouf, bench or ottoman — all on sale. Benches and ottomans can offer extra storage where you need them most, from the end of the bed to the mudroom. Wayfair as all types of styles, sizes and finishes on sale.

Poufs may not provide any storage, but they can double as extra seating as well as a table when needed. And when it’s just you at home, you can put your feet up on them. Poufs are one of the more versatile pieces of accent furniture, so be sure to snag one before the sale is over.

How pressure washing services can increase your home’s curb appeal

When it comes to selling your home, curb appeal plays a big role in getting buyers through your front door. It’s true that buyers look at a lot of factors when they consider putting in an offer, but a beautiful exterior can wow buyers from the beginning and pull at the emotional side of buying a home. That’s where pressure washing services can come in handy.

A mowed lawn and a few flowers on the front porch can help, but a dirty house with smudged windows and an oil-stained driveway can ruin all of that. But with pressure washing services, you can get your home looking like new again. Pressure washing services can blast away the dirt that builds up on your siding over time. Too much dirt can encourage mold to grow, and that will definitely deter buyers from putting in an offer on your home. Pressure washing services, can make the color of your siding look bright again.

Pressure washing services can also give your windows a fresh look. When you have buyers going through your home, they’re going to look out your windows and imagine looking out of them for many years to come. You want to make sure they can see outside without problems. An expert in pressure washing services can get your windows clean without running the risk of breaking them.

Your driveway may also be in need of pressure washing services. Over time, your driveway can get quite dirty, and you might notice weeds growing in the cracks of it. With pressure washing services, you can get rid of the dirt, weeds and any other pests that might be living in the cracks. When your expert in pressure washing services finish, you will likely be surprised by the results. You might even find that your driveway has a completely different color.

Tell us: Which of these home improvement deals will you be using to help get your home in selling shape? Share with us in the comments and let us know how pressure washing services can help.

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