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Cleaned the exterior to my satisfaction.

Article by Michael A / September 30th, 2022

What Is A House Soft Wash?

Every home will need a good washing eventually. You may decide to spruce things up to maximize curb appeal before putting your home on the market. Cleaning up is also a great idea if you enjoy entertaining outdoors or just want to make your exterior living space more enjoyable for your own use. 

Whatever your reasons for washing the house, soft washing is an option to consider. Many property owners aren’t fully aware of what soft washing is, so we created this quick guide to fill you in on the must-know details. 

What Does Soft Washing a House Mean? 

Soft washing a house means you clean it with water sprayed with low pressure. Bleach is often added to the water to disinfect the surface of the house while cleaning away stains. You can also clean wash in cracks or between surfaces, in which case a surfactant is often added to the water. 

The soft washing process is effective for removing the following for a cleaner, visually appealing home exterior: 

  • Dirt 
  • Stains 
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Moss

Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing 

Pressure washing is similar to soft washing, but it sprays water at a higher pressure point. In general, the pressure used for a soft wash is more than you would get shooting water at your home through a hose but not as intense as power washing. A stronger, more aggressive flow of water is great for power-cleaning tough stains but can also cause damage to some sensitive materials. That’s why both pressure and soft washing are important services for a home washing company. 

If you want to tackle tough stains that have been setting into your home for years and believe the material is strong enough to handle the pressure, high pressure washing is a good option. For more delicate materials like shingles on the roof, glass doors and windows, or patio enclosures, soft washing is the way to go. 

The best way to determine if you should pressure wash or soft wash your home is to consult with the pressure washing experts at Washh. Our experienced professionals can determine the safest and most effective method for washing all areas of your home. 

What is the Best Way to Soft Wash a House? 

If you want to wash the exterior of your home on your own, soft washing is safer than power washing. You can use water mixed with bleach or purchase professional-grade house washing solutions at your local home goods or hardware store. Look solutions that are biodegradable and non-abrasive to protect your landscaping and grass in addition to your home’s materials. 

Before You Begin a Soft Wash 

Your safety is critical when soft washing your home. Start by reading the directions and safety warnings on any chemicals you decide to use. Purchase protective gear for your eyes and make sure your skin is covered because bleach and other chemicals are potentially dangerous if inhaled or if in contact with your eyes or skin. 

You will likely need a ladder to reach the higher surfaces of your home. Make sure you have a secure ladder in proper working order and that it has a stable surface on which to sit. You may want to have someone work with you so that the ladder is securely held while you’re reaching the higher points of the home. 

If you’re worried about bushes or tender flowers and plants around your home, you can cover them before you start the washing process. Large sheets are often a good pick, but any light cloth large enough to fit over the plants will work. 

Needed Equipment

You can use a power washer on low-pressure settings to soft wash a home. If you don’t have a power washer, purchase a bleach pump spray bottle. These bottles have spray pumps built in, and the bottles usually tell you how much bleach and water to add. You want to make sure the bleach is properly diluted before spraying on your home, so pay attention to those measurements. 

Don’t assume that adding more bleach or other chemicals will make up for the softer water pressure, even if you’re battling tough stains. Keep the chemicals diluted so that sensitive parts of your home aren’t damaged in the process. 

The Soft Wash Process

Start at the bottom of your home and work your way up. Spray about 10 feet of surface at a time. You want to spray as high as your equipment will project from the ground and then climb a ladder for the higher surfaces. Once you see algae and other stains lighten or disappear, use a garden hose or softer pressure setting to rinse the surface of your home. 

You can expect to spend at least two to three hours soft washing your home. Larger homes or those with multiple stories could take much longer. 

Signs You Need Professional Help 

It may seem like a great idea to soft wash your home on your own, but that isn’t always the safest or most effective option. If any of the following apply to your situation, we strongly recommend you contact a professional home washer to handle the work: 

  • You can’t safely reach the top of your shingles 
  • You want to soft wash your roof but have never worked on a roof before 
  • You aren’t comfortable working on a ladder while using both hands to operate a spray bottle 
  • You don’t have a spotter available to stand on the ground while you work on a ladder 
  • You don’t have access to any of the equipment or protective gear needed to soft wash safely. 

Is Soft Washing a House Worth It? 

It is worth the time, money, and energy spent soft washing a home in certain circumstances. If any of the following apply, then you’re an ideal candidate for a soft wash: 

  • You can see visible mold, mildew, dirt, or stains accumulating on the outside of your home. 
  • You believe your home looks dingy and old because it hasn’t been properly washed in years. 
  • You want to place your home on the market and are looking for affordable ways to improve curb appeal. 
  • You want to make your home look new again but don’t want to go through the process of painting again. 
  • You know your home needs cleaned but don’t believe it can withstand pressure washing. 

Home Soft Washing Benefits 

Do you need even more reason to soft wash your home? 

  • Extends the lifespan of roofing and shingles
  • Eliminates mold, mildew, and bacteria safely 
  • Improves the appearance of the property instantly
  • Uses less energy than power washing 
  • Eco-friendly solutions are widely available 
  • Increases overall home value 

How Long Does a Soft Wash on a House Last? 

A professional soft wash should last at least a year or two. In some cases, it can last up to 3 or even 5 years. 

What makes the difference? A variety of factors, including: 

  • Condition of your home 
  • Location and environmental elements
  • Effectiveness of chosen cleaning solution 
  • Effectiveness of the cleaning process

Your soft wash is more likely to last multiple years if it is completed by someone with soft or pressure washing experience. They will know the right solution to use and the right amount of pressure to clean all areas of your property effectively and thoroughly. Something as simple as missing some areas of not using the right spray technique can make a difference in the longevity of results. 

Save Time with Professional House Washing 

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to pressure or soft washing any home. You want to make sure the job is completed properly to maximize results, but you also don’t want to damage your home or make it look even worse. That’s why many homeowners choose to put this job in the hands of professional house washers. If you want the professionals to handle your house washing, contact Advantage Pro Services today. We offer pressure washing, soft washing, window cleaning, and other services to keep your property clean and pristine. We can help maximize curb appeal while making your outdoor living spaces more comfortable.

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