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Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Customer Guarantee & Warranties

We believe in the quality of our work and stand behind it.

That’s why our satisfaction guarantee is so simple: If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the quality of the work we provide, we will do everything possible to fix it. And if we can’t meet your needs and expectations fully, you don’t pay for the service.

Our customer satisfaction guarantee applies to all scopes of work including pressure washing, window cleaning and gutter cleaning services.

At APS, we believe that getting the job done right the first time is what keeps our customers loyal and are committed to always going the extra 2 miles. Should you have any questions or concerns about the work we’ve done, simply give us a call.

We also offer the following warranties and guarantees for certain services:

  • Rain-Day Guarantee for Exterior Window Cleaning Services
    If it rains within 10 days after your initial exterior window cleaning service, we will come back out and touch up any spots or smudges at no additional charge.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Gutter Installations
    We provide a hassle-free, no-questions-asked warranty on new gutter installations with the purchase of a gutter maintenance plan.

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What if rain is predicted for the day of my service?

It is our policy to complete a scheduled job if it is raining. In the event of light precipitation we will continue as scheduled because rain does not affect the cleaning. In the event of heavy rain or showers, we will return within 1 to 2 days to complete the outside work. The interior of all windows are completed as scheduled so there is no disruption to your schedule.

Doesn’t rain make my windows dirty?

Dirt makes your windows dirty not rain. The dust from landscapers, tree pollen, exhaust, and many other sources settles on your windows. Raindrops move the dirt around your windows and after the rain dries the dirt remains on the glass. This residue is now very visible because it’s been spread over the window. Clean windows remain clean after the rain because once the water dries there is nothing left behind to obscure your view.

You’re Protected

Our satisfaction guarantee is simple: If we don’t 100% meet your needs and expectations, you don’t pay a dime.

What Our Clients Say

If it wasn’t for “Best Pick Reports-2012” I would not have been aware of Advantage Pro Services. You men arrived yesterday evening and did a thorough job. Today, it was cloudy most of the day, in spite of that, my windows throughout my home GLEAMED! I am very happy with the work and the products used. I will definitely use your services in the future.
Cynthia Greene, Home Owner
3 of your techs are still here working hard, they are about to finish. They have worked nonstop except for a lunch break. I’m exhausted watching them. I just want to say that I will NEVER have anyone else clean our home or work on our gutters except Advantage Pro Services. I have never met a nicer group or harder working group of guys. Excellent job. You can use us for a recommendation to anyone anytime.
Bruce And Betty, Business Owners
I am writing this memo to recommend Advantage Pro Services. Mr. Gordon Doran is very professional and completed the work right on schedule. We are very satisfied Advantage Pro Services Inc., and would like to recommend them to others.
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