Why Hire a Professional to Mow Your Lawn Instead of Doing It Yourself

For most kids, mowing a lawn is like a right of passage. It’s the first big chore they have around the house, and in the summer, kids spend at least one afternoon a week pushing the lawn mower around the yard.

But as kids grow up, their schedules change. They have softball games, band practice, dance lessons and basketball practices to attend — not to mention going to school and studying at night. When their schedules become too packed, something’s got to give, and it’s usually their chores like mowing the lawn.

Like most homeowners, you may be torn. You love having a beautiful, well-manicured lawn, but you just don’t have the time — or want to make the time — to mow it yourself. You may know the gopher holes and hills of your yard better than anyone, but if making time to mow the lawn can’t be done, then it’s time to call in a professional. 

Hiring a professional to mow your lawn can make you feel as if a weight has been lifted off your back. Here’s why you should hire a professional to mow your lawn — and maybe take care of a few other things such as pressure washing services around your home.

Less time mowing, more time relaxing

Like many people, you value your time off. It’s when you get to unwind, spend time with your loving family and indulge in your favorite hobby, whatever that may be. But during the summer when your grass grows seemingly longer every week, that time spent relaxing turns into time spent mowing and tending to your lawn.

Even if you have a smaller yard than some of the other ones on your block, it will still take you a few hours to completely mow and care for your lawn. But just mowing your lawn is only part of the time spent getting the job done. You also need to haul out all your equipment and make sure everything is working before you start. Then when you’re done, you need to put everything back.

But that’s not including the time spent cleaning up your yard before and after it has been mowed. Before you can even get started, you need to rake leaves and put away any bikes, chalk or other items lying around your yard. You may also need to pick up tree branches that have fallen from big storms. After you finish mowing, you will still need to empty out the grass clippings from your mower and sweep the driveway and sidewalks so they’re not covered in grass clippings.

The bottom line is that cutting the grass can take up an entire afternoon, and when you’re a working professional, you only have two afternoons free every week. Rather than dedicate one afternoon per week to cutting the grass, wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to let a professional handle the job? Then you’d be free to attend your child’s softball game or hang out by the pool or relax in your garage.

Think of it this way: If you hired professionals to mow your lawn, they could be at your door first thing in the morning and have the job done before noon. 

No equipment maintenance

If you usually cut your own grass, then you know that the job doesn’t stop when the lawn is cut. From there, you have to pull the equipment back into your garage or shed, empty out the grass clippings from the bag (or clean them up from around your yard and sidewalk), clean the mower, add more gasoline to it and then pack it away to be used for another day.

Maybe this isn’t such a chore if you have a small yard, but if you, like many in Houston, enjoy a large yard, then maintaining your equipment is vital — and expensive.

First, there’s the lawn mower itself, but can be a costly purchase. As with many things, you get what you pay for, and if you buy a cheap lawn mower, then chances are, you’ll have to fix it and even replace it in a short amount of time. For large yards, you probably won’t want a push lawn mower. You’d rather have one that you could ride — and who could blame you? But riding lawn mowers cost more money, well over $1,000 for a good model. 

And once you own a lawn mower, it will be up to you to keep it in good condition. If a blade breaks, you will need to replace it. If the engine suddenly stops working, then you will have to find out why and fix it. You will also be responsible for changing the lawn motor’s oil and putting gas in it to make it run. 

But the lawn mower is just one part of the full job of mowing your lawn. If you have flower beds and other decor around your yard, then the last thing you want to do is drive a riding lawn mower near them. The blades could break on a brick retaining wall. For those close-up jobs, you’ll need a weed wacker to trim around barriers.

All of that equipment adds up in terms of cost, and even when you purchase these items, you’re going to keep paying more money to keep them in good condition. It’s a lot to take on, and as mentioned above, it all takes time away from your relaxing weekend.

With a professional lawn mower, the equipment won’t be yours to worry about. Professionals have their own equipment, and because they handle all types of yards and even big golf courses, they invest in commercial-grade equipment. That means your lawn is getting the best care possible.

No matter what type of yard you have, how big it is or how many flower beds or water features you have, a professional will have just the right tool to navigate your lawn and ensure no part of your lawn is neglected.

Fewer mistakes, professional look

You may think you know your yard better than anyone, but a professional lawn mower can do much more than just drive around on a mower. 

A professional lawn mower can take a look at your yard and help you assess your needs and any problem areas you might have. In certain spots, you might have crabgrass growing or maybe you’re having difficulties getting grass to grow. A professional can help you understand why this might be happening and help you fix it.

You may also be cutting too much from your grass. It’s true that trimming grass is similar to trimming hair: A good trim actually helps it all grow stronger. But you might be taking too much off the top of your lawn — or maybe not enough. If you don’t cut low enough, then weeds can still spring up around your yard.

The blades on your lawn mower might also be too dull to cut your grass effectively the first time. When that happens, you can get an uneven look, and you may have to mow your lawn more often because the blades aren’t actually cutting enough grass. Of course, over-mowing can lead to its own problems.

With a professional lawn mower, you get a beautiful look every time. An expert lawn mower has the right equipment for the job, and they can recognize quickly when a blade isn’t sharp enough or the grass is being cut too often. As you get to know your lawn mower, he or she will work with you to tackle the problem spots on your lawn and help it grow greener and better.

As an added bonus, you also get to benefit from the professional’s lawn care expertise. Your lawn care professional likely works with a lot of homes in Houston and has probably seen just about everything and every problem. If you’re having trouble growing a garden or handling pests that won’t go away, a lawn care professional can provide tips and advice on what to do next. He or she may even be able to recommend other professionals in the area to help you with other household chores. You’ll get a good recommendation that you can trust.

Mowing on their time, not yours

Imagine one afternoon, you come home from work exhausted and ready to put your feet up. It’s been a trying day, and you can’t possibly do one more chore or you will collapse. Now imagine that you have to go home and cut the grass after such a long, challenging day.

What if you didn’t have to? When you hire professionals lawn mower, they can come after just about any time during the day. You don’t have to be home to let them into your home. You just need to make sure the yard is free of major debris, and the professionals will take care of the rest.

If you work with a professional, you two can set a time each week for your lawn mower to come to your home, mow the lawn and head out. You don’t have to be home to assist, and when you get home, you can just sit back and enjoy the work.

Why hiring experts in pressure washing services matters as much as lawn mowers

Now mowing your lawn may seem like a service that you can do yourself, but as we’ve demonstrated here, hiring an expert can be the better option for many Houston homes. The same goes for pressure washing services. Many homeowners think they can handle the job themselves, but in the end, hiring an expert in pressure washing services saves time, money and peace of mind.

As with a professional lawn mower, an expert in pressure washing services has the right equipment needed for just about any job. Whether you need your siding, deck or driveway cleaned, an expert in pressure washing services will have the right tools to get the job done without any hassle. That means that you don’t have to buy expensive pressure washing equipment, which can cost over $1,000, and then pair for upkeep and any repairs. Most homeowners need pressure washing services only once or twice a year, so it makes more sense to hire a professional in pressure washing services to take care of it all.

Experts in pressure washing services also understand how much power is too much power. For example, too much water pressure on your siding can actually crack it, meaning you will have to replace it. You may also have weak spots around your home where water can easily get inside. If you spray those spots with too much pressure, then you could cause water damage inside your home. When you hire an expert in pressure washing services, not only will they know how much pressure is too much, but they will also take note of any potential problem areas on your home and let you know about them.

If you’re trying to sell your home, hiring a professional in pressure washing services to do your home, deck and driveway can boost your home’s curb appeal. It’s a great way to get an edge over the other homes for sale in the area, and having such a clean-looking home will really wow prospective buyers when they arrive at your home for the first time. It’s a little detail, but it can make a big impact as you try to sell your home.

Hiring an expert in power washing services also gives you peace of mind. You won’t have to dread doing the job yourself, and you won’t have to give up an entire weekend to do it. An expert in pressure washing services will handle the job for you and, with regular cleanings, you’ll find that the siding on your house, the wood on your deck and the concrete on your driveway last longer because they’re kept in such good condition. That means less money spent on repairs for you.

Tell us: Do you plan to hire a professional lawn mower? Share with us in the comments and let us know how pressure washing services could benefit your home.

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